I've tried loads of diets before, what's different about this?

Mainly the fact that it's not a diet in the way that most people think of the word!

We focus on gaining health which is the most important factor, losing weight may be a pleasant side effect.

Diets are generally temporary, we help you to build a new lifestyle which you can take forward long term, and leave all those diets firmly in the past.

Why should I believe that this can make a difference?

There are now a growing group of people in and around the health field (including GPs, nurses and consultants) who do understand how much difference what you eat and how you live can make.

Evidence is building that making lifestyle changes can lead to health improvements, reducing medications and getting your life back.

Everything we advise is evidence based, it may not sound the same as what Take A Break magazine said, or that leaflet you saw in the waiting room, but results are now speaking for themselves across the world that this approach works.

What happens after the

6 weeks?

You won't just be kicked to the kerb and forgotten about, don't worry!

You will still have access to your Buddy via the Facebook group, along with other people who have and are living in a similar way so there is always peer support.

If you've completed the Individual or Group plans, but think you'd like a few more weeks of 1-2-1 support, then you could sign up for an Online Plan for a further 6 weeks of remote support and advice at a more involved level than the Facebook group alone would provide.

Food can't be that important?

The knowledge that food can be a predictor of and a factor in good health goes back to Ancient Greece, Hippocrates to be precise.

Over time, we have lost this knowledge as we've been bombarded by food companies all vying for our business; they are in it for profit not for the good of mankind!

Food can have a huge influence in how healthy we are, if we just get it right.

Why should I pay for it, I'd rather just do it myself?

Anyone that tries to make positive health improvements through lifestyle changes gets a big pat on the back from us.

But it can be hard, especially if you are doing it in a way that people may not understand or  know about so support can be helpful and that is where we come in.

We are there to not only give you the information, but to help you along the way with implementing the changes, giving encouragement when it may seem tough, helping with hints, tips and tweaks, and just generally being in your corner.

All I need to do is Eat Less and Move More surely?

That is the advice that has been peddled for the last 40 or so years, and if we look around us, it's not really worked out that well has it?!

The Eat Less Move More message is based on calorie balance to regulate weight, but there is so much more to food than just how many calories are in it.

Nutrients and the effect foods have on our body are so much more important.

Do you know what you're talking about?

Your Buddy will have lived this way themselves, and improved some element of their health through changing food and lifestyle. So we walk the walk as well as talk the talk!

As well as this lived experience, they will have relevant qualifications in nutrition related fields, and always be building on and updating their knowledge.

In fact, they'll most likely be a huge health geek, but in a good way!


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